TenCate Polyfelt® AR

TenCate Polyfelt® AR is a mechanically bonded continuous-filament nonwoven with an enhanced abrasion resistance. TenCate Polyfelt® AR combines the benefits of conventional nonwoven geotextiles with an improved resistance to abrasion stresses. It was developed for railway construction where the high mechanical stresses imposed by the ballast require special attention.

The benefits of TenCate Polyfelt® AR in railway track maintenance at a glance:

  • Minimize contamination of the ballast by fine soil particles.
  • Protect the formation protection layer.
  • Minimize differential settlements of the sleepers.
  • Prevent the reduction of bearing capacity

Typical applications areas:

  • Railway construction
  • Pipeline protection
  • Geomembrane protection


Nordic product-group Reinforcement Geocomposites, Non woven geotextiles
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