Tunnel construction


NATM tunnels

The main goal of geotextiles used in conventional tunnel construction (e.g. acc. NATM) is the protection of the sealing membrane. Furthermore, the drainage function and the long-term resistance to alkaline media have to be considered. TenCate products fulfil all high technical requirements of modern tunnel construction.

Products used:

TenCate Polyfelt® P

TenCate Polyfelt® P protection geotextiles are mechanically bonded nonwovens made from UV-stabilized polypropylene.

Cut-and-cover tunnels, Galleries

Cut-and-cover tunnels require special multi-layer lining systems which have to fulfil various requirements. A permanent protection of the sealing membrane is provided by high-quality nonwoven geotextiles. Very often, drainage geocomposites are used which can be easily installed, providing an effective drainage of seepage water even under high surcharge loads.

Products used: