Road construction


Base reinforcement

In base reinforcement applications TenCate geosynthetics are used as tensile element at the bottom of a (sub)base or within a base course. This improves the service life of a road and/or an equivalent performance is obtained with a reduced base course thickness. Typical base reinforcement applications are roads and parking areas and stock yards.

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Subgrade stabilisation

TenCate geosynthetics allow construction over weak subgrades by uniformly distributing the load, improving bearing capacity, and providing reinforcement to weak or low strength subgrades. The use of TenCate geosynthetics as reinforcement, separation and filtration layer offers a simple, quick and cost effective alternative for this "classic" application of geotextiles.

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Each drainage body must be protected from the penetration of fine soil particles which would otherwise block or clog the system, resulting in a diminishing of the drainage function. Under optimum conditions, this is guaranteed with the filtration geotextiles of TenCate. High water permeability and optimum filtration opening size are the decisive parameters for this application.

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Retaining structures

Transportation structures often require retaining walls or steep slopes to save expensive space, to minimize land acquisition or to provide a noise barrier. TenCate geosynthetics are used as integral components in reinforced soil structures such as retaining walls and slopes. TenCate Geosynthetics provide tensile resistance to the soil, enhancing its shear strength characteristics. This enables walls, slopes and embankments to be constructed cost-effectively and quickly. For more details on reinforced earth structures, please see the Retaining Structures section.