Pipeline construction


Pipe foundation and mechanical protection

In order to guarantee that a sub-surface pipeline permanently fulfils its function, it must be protected from damage and from settlements of low-bearing-capacity subgrades. Optimum solution in this respect can be provided by TenCate reinforcement products to minimize settlements and TenCate nonwovens for protection purposes.

Products used:

Buoyancy protection

Transportation structures often require retaining walls or steep slopes to save expensive space, to minimize land acquisition or to provide a noise barrier. TenCate geosynthetics are used as integral components in reinforced soil structures such as retaining walls and slopes. TenCate Geosynthetics provide tensile resistance to the soil, enhancing its shear strength characteristics. This enables walls, slopes and embankments to be constructed cost-effectively and quickly. For more details on reinforced earth structures, please see the Retaining Structures section.

Products used:

Installation under water

In order to guarantee that a pipeline remains stable under buoyancy and under settlements of the subgrade, it must be secured against any harmful forces occurring in the subgrade. Optimum solution in this respect can be provided by TenCate Polyfelt Rock to stabilise the subgrade, combined with TenCate Polyfelt nonwovens to provide buoyancy protection.

Products used:

Pillow foundation

The settlement of pipeline foundations should be limited to a minimum. TenCate reinforcement products are successfully used for pillow foundations over low-bearing-capacity subgrades.

Products used: