Hydraulic constructions


Flood protection dikes

Geosynthetics guarantee the stability of flood protection dikes, due to their special drainage and filtration properties. Geotextile wrapped drainage cores or special filtration mats under rip-rap prevent erosion and a consequent dike fracture. Geotextile reinforced earth structures allow the use of low-quality on-site fill material, thereby providing a reliable and cost effective construction method. TenCate erosion-protection mats prevent surface erosion and thereby contribute to a high slope stability.

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Coastal and river bank protection

Geotextiles are used as filter blankets underneath revetments. Their purpose is to prevent erosion caused by the energy of waves and currents and to allow free two-way flow between the water body and the ground without the build up of hydraulic pressure. Geotextiles replace partly, or completely, expensive mineral filter layers. Geosynthetics from TenCate provide both, optimized filtration behaviour for fine or coarse grained soils and high resistance to damage. 

Geotube® containers are geotextile encapsulated soils that may be used to replace rock as conventional building blocks in marine and hydraulic engineering structures.

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Canals and reservoirs

In canal and reservoir construction, lining systems using geosynthetics are widely used. The effective long-term protection of synthetic geomembranes can be guaranteed by using the high-quality production geotextile TenCate Polyfelt P. Additionally, drainage geocomposites are often used to drain off seeping ground water and percolating surface water underneath the sealing membrane.

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