Embankment on soft soil


Foundation over cavities

In order to minimise the potential of sudden settlements which would be a danger for the public traffic, preventive measures using high-strength TenCate geosynthetics are recommended. In the case of a sudden damage of the subsurface, the geosynthetic acts as a membrane keeping the road or railway structure intact until further repair measures can be undertaken.

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Pile foundation

In order to guarantee the stability of embankments over weak subgrade, piles are very often used. Geosynthetic reinforced base courses transfer the loads from the embankment to the piles, helping to reduce the required number of piles, thus reducing costs.

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Embankments on weak subgrade

TenCate geosynthetics are placed at the base of embankments to provide short and long term stability and limit differential settlement. The geosynthetic is placed directly on the soft foundation, prior to the placement of the embankment fill.

TenCate Geosynthetics facilitate the construction of a working platform and allow construction of higher embankments and steeper embankment side slopes.

Products used: