Technical support

Geo Nordic

Our technical support has great knowledge and expertise. All trained in construction and design, our engineers, as well as our technical support team, are ready to meet your challenges head on.

Our experts offer their know-how to project managers and construction companies.

During these meetings, different variants are proposed to promote other technical solutions that have a certain economic benefit.

These experts also offer geotextile laying advice and also provide information on stitching techniques to bind two nonwoven sheets.

TenCate Geosynthetics Europe provides you all the information needed for your project and can have access to our design software either on CD Rom or online. It is an effective on-site aid: rapid and reliable recommendation… at your fingertips.

You have access to a complete technical description for each specific case and, within seconds, you obtain the product recommendation perfectly adapted to your site or problem.

Just specify the type of structure you intend to build (roads and tracks, hydraulic structures, walls and slopes, draining systems, waste storage centre, reservoirs and basins) then enter the different values for which you wish to obtain sizing (in the case of a road or track, for example, specify the type of structure, the axle load, the thickness of the layer, etc.)

The tool then practically instantly provides you with the TenCate product adapted to your needs.

You may then print out the information provided or export it to Microsoft Word

Your company and its challenges are important to us. Let our qualified staff find the solution that is right for you.

We are more than a company…we are your partner.