Geo Nordic

At TenCate Geosynthetics, we develop environmental products that solve specific problems. Our history dates back to 1953, when a catastrophic flood destroyed the coast of Holland, leaving in its wake nearly 2,000 dead. This small country was utterly destroyed.

With a strong will to survive, the Dutch immediately began work on a new generation of dike that would be strong enough to withstand nature’s harshest forces. The search ended at Nicolon B.V. of Holland, a company dedicated to creating stronger, more advanced industrial textiles.

In France, at the beginning of the century, Rhône Poulenc established a factory in Bezons and used Brandenberger's patent. The well known brand bidim was registered in more than 100 countries and our geosynthetics were used on various huge projects.

In Austria, Polyfelt G.m.b.H. was founded as a department of Chemie Linz AG in the 70s. The geosynthetics polyfelt were recognized for their quality and used in many big projects.

In 1990, Polyfelt acquired Bidim Geosynthetics -former owned by Rhône Poulenc -

To cover all European needs and to adapt our offer to every market, we opened various offices all over Europe.

In 2005, Royal Ten Cate acquired the Polyfelt Group and TenCate Geosynthetics Europe is born to find solution to every project